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Dr. Kaushal Kishore

Ph.D  :  Southern Methodist University (Economics).
Area: Economics and Public Policy

Contact E-mail: kaushal.kishore@iimrohtak.ac.in  

Phone: 01262 – 228546

Experience Kaushal Kishore is Assistant Professor in the area of Economics and Public Policy at Indian Institute of Management Rohtak.
He has completed Ph.D. from Southern Methodist University, Dallas,US. Prior to his doctoral degree, he has completed Master of Science (M.S) in Quantitative Economics from Indian Statistical Institute, New Delhi. He has around four years of professional experience in academics. He also has around four years of consulting experience in business analytics for corporate.
Teaching Areas Advanced Business Research Methods, Public Finance, Industrial Organization, International Economics, Mathematics for Economics, Applied Game Theory, Econometrics.
Research Interest Publications Public Finance, Industrial Organization, International Economics, Public Policy. 

Dr. Kaushal has published research papers in the areas of his expertise.

He has presented his research papers at various conferences and universities. Selected publications are:

1. “On the microtheoretic Foundations of Cagan’s Demand for Money Function” with Rajat Deb and T.K. Seo, Rational Choice and Welfare: Theory and Applications, Essay in Honor of Kataro Suzumura.
2. “Effect of UI Regulation on the Electricity Market,” Journal of Infrastructure Development,”Indian Development Foundations, 2011.
3. “Dynamic Inconsistency and Non-preferential Taxation of Foreign Capital,” (with Santanu Roy). Economics Letters, 2014.
4. “Dynamic Inconsistency and Preferential Taxation of Foreign Capital,” International Tax and Public Finance, 2017.
Patent: System and Method Facilitating Forecasting, Optimization and Visualization of Energy Data for an Industry. International Publication Date: 11 July 2013. International Publication No: WO 2013/102930 A2. International Filing Date: 24 December 2012. International Application No: PCT/IN2012/000845. Applicant: MZAYA PRIVATE LIMITED.