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Students Committees at IIM Rohtak


Placement Committee (PlaceCom)

The Placement Committee is a student body that has been formed to interact with companies on a continuous basis in order to bring the optimum and best-fit career opportunities to the students of IIM Rohtak for their summer and final placements. It also facilitates prospective employers by organizing institute-industry interactions regularly and providing complete support for arranging placement activities on the campus.

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Public Relations Cell  (PR Cell)

The Public Relations Cell strives to bring IIM Rohtak to the fore through brand building and promotion with a plethora of events at IIM Rohtak, the cell makes sure that every single event gets covered by the media. In order to achieve this objective, it uses electronic, print and television media to the fullest. In short, the PR Cell is the institute’s window to the outside world.

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Industrial Relations & Interaction Cell (IRIC) 

IRIC maintains a proactive relationship with corporate world and employs a variety of means to develop and enhance the link built with the larger business community. It facilitates educational and networking opportunities among industry leaders and members of the IIM Rohtak community by arranging guest lectures, workshops and symposia by eminent personalities.

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Academic Committee (AcadCom) 

The Academic Committee co-ordinates academic matters with the institute administration and faculty. The class schedules, deadlines, visiting faculty schedules etc are decided in consultation with the Academic Committee.
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Student Council  

The Student Council acts as an interface with the institute administration to sort out matters that arise between other committees or on matters concerning student welfare.

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Sports Committee (SportsCom) 

The Sports Committee is responsible for selection and constitution of various teams for different sports like cricket, football, basketball, badminton, swimming etc. These teams are sent for participating in various inter-B School sports events, representing IIM Rohtak. The Committee also holds annual Sports Week at IIM Rohtak, with exciting prizes. There are excellent sporting infrastructure facilities like swimming pool, basketball court, football ground, athletics ground, gymnasium etc. within the campus.

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Hospitality Committee 

The Hospitality Committee is responsible for managing the affairs of the hostel including deciding menu at the Hostel Mess. The Committee deals with drawing and disbursement of funds for day-to-day Mess expenses, co-ordinating maintenance and repair of other hostel amenities with the Institute administration etc.

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Cultural Committee (CultCom)

The committee organizes various events and activities to bring the student community together and provides students a platform to showcase their talents. One of the more popular undertakings of the committee was the organization of ‘Runsangram’, the intra-hostel cricket tournament, based on an IPL-like model. The Committee organized Treasure Hunt for PGP03 batch in August 2012 as well as Matki-Phod on the occasion of Janmashtami, both of which saw enthusiastic participation from the student community.

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IT Committee (ITCom)

Students IT committee is an interface between Students and Institutes IT Department. The committee take care of students IT related matters (maintenance of Wi-Fi networks, Internet facility, and other IT related, matters in the Hostels) and resolves their problems by coordinating with the Institutes IT Department.

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Election and Audit Committee (ENAC) 





Alumni Committee








It is an elected body by entire student committee. Main responsibilities include monitoring budget and expenses of various committees by auditing them, conducting all elections involved with the student body and ensuring the selection criteria and process followed by different committees are unbiased. ENAC, through its work, restores trust and authenticity in fragile situations like conflicts between committees etc.

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The Alumni committee (email : facilitates the engagement of the college’s alumni in various activities that help strengthen the bond between the college and alumni. Our activities include organizing the annual alumni meet and city specific meets, conducting mock interviews and mentorship programs for the current students, facilitating the elections for the alumni executive body, releasing the annual alumni magazine, managing and updating the complete database of the alumni”. The Alumni committee has taken an initiative to open the online merchandise store for IIM Rohtak. This initiative helps to maintain a relationship with alumni and develop a sense of belonging to the institute for Alumni.
Link: Merchandise Store-IIM Rohtak

E-Cell is the formal centre focused on entrepreneurship at IIM Rohtak. E-Cell at IIM Rohtak helps budding entrepreneurs through mentorship, linkages with incubators conducting research activities and identifying untapped latent demands.The vision of the E-Cell at IIM Rohtak is to sow the seeds of entrepreneurship and social awareness amongst the student community, and society at  large and develop entrepreneurial ecosystem by enabling collaborations between the major stakeholders traversing entrepreneurs,  mentors, and corporate.
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Students Clubs at IIM Rohtak


Marque (Marketing Club)


Marque is a platform for interaction among students who are passionate about marketing and want to expand their learning beyond the classroom. A step in this direction is the club newsletter, Canvas, which, along with news briefings, publishes articles on evolving marketing practices. Marque treats members to invigorating rounds of real life case studies, selling games and marketing/advertising strategies.


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SNC (Strategy and Consulting Club)

The Strategy Club aims to provide its members with opportunities to participate in consulting projects that acquaint students about contemporary issues in strategic management. The club regularly conducts strategy games, case study competitions and consulting quizzes. The club comes up with newsletters and articles from time to time on industry updates that enrich the knowledge of members of the club

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FI (Finance and Investments Club)


FI is a student driven initiative intended to generate and cultivate student interest in finance as an academic discipline as well as promote it as a career option within the student community at IIM Rohtak. The club organizes variety of activities which cover a broad range of verticals within finance such as investment banking, risk management, private equity, treasury, insurance, micro-finance etc.

FI brings together all the bright minds pursuing interests in the world of finance. The club provides a forum for exchange of ideas in the emerging areas of finance. Apart from “Finanza”, a fortnightly e-zine dedicated to track and analyze the latest events in the financial world, the club provides for an excellent platform for preparation for certifications and organising simulation games.


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Ops (Operations Club)


IIMR seeks to generate an increased interest in the subject and facilitate discussions on important issues on developments and trends in operations research and operations management. Ops Club regularly organize innovative and enriching learning experiences like industrial visits, quizzes, computer-based events, simulation games, and guest lectures by experienced industry personnel.

• To spread awareness about Operations Management and related functional areas
• To provide information on the supporting programs.
• To provide internal and external consulting services.
• To network with professionals in industry.
• To establish knowledge centre and database.
• To inform about certifications in the area of Operations

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Humane-R (Human Resources Club) 

The aim of the club is to promote HR discipline in the campus and outside as well. They do this through the organization of numerous case study competitions, knowledge transfer sessions with industry experts, and article writing competitions. 

A Human Resources (HR) summit on the theme “HR Challenges of Managing New Generation Employees” was organized by IIM Rohtak at its campus on 18th August, 2012. Industry representatives from diverse sectors ranging from consulting to consumer electronics attended the summit and shared their views and experiences, thus providing a rare and enriching learning opportunity for the students, professionals and other participants.

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SDP Cell (Social Development Projects Cell) 

The Social Development Projects Cell, or better known as SDP, is the social initiative of the institute. In 7 groups, 30 students have associated themselves with an NGO in Haryana, NCR, and Uttarakhand, spent time with them to understand their operations, and are applying the skills learnt at the institute to better aid them in matters as diverse as marketing, strategic funding, and teacher training.

IIM-R is committed to social causes – India for Girl Child campaign in association with the Sun Foundation and Swabhav – an initiative to ensure sustainable education for the girl children of auto rickshaw drivers in Rohtak


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Inquizire, IIM Rohtak’s intra-institute quizzing series, was started in October 2011 with the objective of organizing and coordinating quizzing activity in the institute. In the first three editions of Inquizire, quite a few enthusiasts have participated and won prizes. The Facebook page with the name ‘Inquizire at IIM Rohtak’ is aimed at promoting the quizzing series via social media.

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ExploR – The
Photography Club


exploR is the official photography club of the institute. The purpose of the club is to – document all events associated with IIM Rohtak, conduct workshops for people who are interested to learn the art of photography, conduct competitions for students within campus, and showcase the work done by each members through a digital exhibition at the end of every term.

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SCOMC- Supply Chain and Operations Management Club  



The purpose of the Supply Chain & Operations Management Club (SCOMC) is to assist students at IIM-R to gain a broader understanding of the opportunities, career paths, and current issues in supply chain and operations management. It seeks to excite students about supply chain and operations through unique and engaging activities, field visits, and member-driven events.

SCOMC organizes simulation and process analytic games on a regular basis, arranges field visits to understand operations in various sectors like restaurants and manufacturing. It focusses on enhancing the skills and knowledge set of students through plenty of case studies, quizzes and interview counselling.

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VOICE Club – Speech Club

The Voice Club Of IIM-R’s tagline : “Let your voice be heard” pretty much summarizes the purpose of its existence. It provides a platform where you can VOICE your opinion, argument and aggression (although only in words) on a myriad of topics ranging from placements to college life and feminism to terrorism. Each voice session has a different flavour with participants presenting prepared speeches as well as extempore. Voice sessions generally end on a light note when members from the audience come forward to give their opinions on interesting extempore topics. Debates are also organized on a frequent basis by the club to develop the critical thinking skills of participants and the audience.

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ITernity- IT Club 







Training  Cell


ITernITy is the IT club of IIM-R. It strives to reach the frontiers of the trending technologies and create a platform for some mind-teasing insights into the latest Information Technology. ITernity provides case studies, simulation events and quizzes for its members. The club comes up with newsletters and articles on monthly basis for the students.

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Training Cell is the body responsible for identifying the industry needs and imparting the necessary skills to students through frequent workshops. The committee works in association with Placement Committee to impart necessary training to students through mock interviews and sessions by external trainers.

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