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Themed SMACIT- Leveraging Technology in Business Transformation

SMACIT or Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud and Internet of Things is the clustered concept driving innovation in technologies and businesses today. With endless possibilities and easy access to digitized user content, data driven decisions is what might make or break business processes in the future.

Put together with the aggressive push of the government to bring everyone on-board the technology train and the growing share of the digital economy in job creation, business possibilities presently surpass the human imagination creating a marketplace capable of making explosive growths and success stories.

The event was conducted on 21st May, 2016, at Hotel Vivanta, Yeshwantpur. It was bestowed with the presence of eminent industrial stalwarts, such as Mr. Avinash Sabharwal – MD Accenture, Mr. G.Y. Suhas – Head HR L&T, Mr. Abhinav Johri – Sr. Manager EY, Mr. B. Venkatkumara – President Landmark Group, amongst other prominent personalities. The Conclave was divided into 4 panels, covering different dimensions.

HR1: “How HR can leverage SMACIT to get its rightful place as a strategic function in all organizations”

HR professionals are foraying into tech world and technology is making in-roads in Human Resource Management. One prominent trend that ascertains this fact is how HR has emerged to be pioneers in leveraging Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud and internet of things (SMACIT) trends. The panel focussed on discussing how these trends are enabling HR to streamline processes and bring down the effort spent on operational issues and focus on strategic issues. The speakers on this panel were- Mr.Rajesh Toranagatti, India HR Head, Cypress Semiconductor Technology; Mr. Tarun Nallu, Managing Director, FMXC Management Consulting; Mr. Sujitesh Das, VP- Strategic Human Resource, Microland; Mr. B. Venkatkumara, President & Group HR, Landmark Group; Mr. Niket Gupta, University Hiring Lead- India, HP; Mr. Girinarayanan G, Country Leader- HR, Terex India Pvt. Ltd.; Ms. Annapurna Swarup, Independent HR Consultant.

Marketing: “Changing face of Marketing in the Digital era”

Technologies have allowed the marketing organization to become more efficient and effective and the boundaries with other functional disciplines are blurring. Marketing is at the interface of the firm and its present and prospective markets. The panellists tried to throw light upon how the activities, responsibilities and design of the marketing organization will evolve in the future? The answers emerge from the interplay of three driving forces with the unique features of each firm’s strategy, legacy, and the dynamics of their market. These driving forces are the impact of digital technologies, the changing role of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) as a member of the C-suite, and emerging organizational designs. The panel comprised of- Mr. Shantanu Paknikar, VP, SPAN Infotech India Pvt Ltd.; Mr. Anmol Vij, Co-Founder & COO, HyperKonnect Technologies; Mr. Sukumaran P, General Manager, Targus India Pvt. Ltd.; Mr. Ravi C Dasgupta, Founder, RCD HR Consulting; Ms. Vinita Kaul, Independent HR Consultant.

IT: “SMACIT – Riding the fifth wave of IT”

The real promise of SMAC technologies is not necessarily their individual contributions or their cost savings and process efficiency for IT, but their potential to support the continued digitization and automation of business models and processes. According to many, we’re moving into a new era of a “digital industrial revolution”. The panellists shared their insights on the trajectory of the evolution in IT to see what SMAC may bring over the next several years impacting not only the nature of IT, but also the nature of how we conduct business itself. The panellists were- Mr. Avinash Sabharwal, Managing Director, Strategy, Accenture; Mr. Abhinav Johri, Sr. Manager Advisory Services, EY; Mr. Achuta Jois, Chairman, Acliv Technology; Mr. Sitaram, Founder FMXC Management Consulting; Mr. Rohit Kumar, Principal Consultant at Infosys.


HR2:Planning for the connected workforce: SMAC’ing’ of Human Resources”

At the core, a connected workforce relies upon an employee experience. There are four dimensions of the connected employee experience: Leadership, Development, Recognition, and Culture. Each of these dimensions can be further supported with SMAC-enabled innovations. By carefully designing these four dimensions, tailored to the company’s unique brand, value proposition and strategy, leaders can further support organizational aspirations for a connected workforce. The panel analysed how social media, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) technologies have made the employees smarter whether they are using them through business applications or consumer applications. The speakers on this panel were- Mr. Animesh Kumar, University relations, CISCO; Mr. Rajesh Chandran, Vice President & Talent Acquisition, Microland; Ms. Madhvi Arora, Sr. Director, Head HR, Yodlee; Mr. G Y Suhas, Head HR, L & T construction equipment Ltd.; Mr. Sourav Swami, Head HR, Artha group.