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Fourth Annual Convocation 2015

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Honourable Chief Guest of the function, Dr Janmejaya Sinha, Chairman, BCG (Asia-Pacific), Chairman of the Society and Board of Governors, Mr. Ravi Kant, Members of the Society and Board, distinguished guests, media personnel, faculty and staff of the Institute, their families, graduating students and their families, ladies and gentlemen,

I join the Chairman in extending, on behalf of the faculty and staff members of the Institute and from my own side, a warm welcome to you at the 4th Convocation of IIM Rohtak. At the outset, I too express my gratitude to Dr Janmejaya Sinha, who has kindly consented to be the Chief Guest of the Convocation despite his busy regular engagements. Dr Janmejaya Sinha, we feel highly honoured to have you as our Chief Guest at the 4th Convocation today.

My heartiest congratulations to the graduating students for their successful completion of the Post-Graduate Programme in Management and for completing the placement process in a remarkable way. I wish you all success in your life and a rapid progress in your career. I also take this opportunity to sincerely thank all those companies that continued to support our students and the Institute as well as in helping us conclude the Summer Placements of Batch 05 ahead of other similar institutions.

IIM Rohtak was established as the 8th IIM on November 16, 2009 when IIM Society Rohtak was registered. It is about to enter the sixth year of its academic activities.

The Third Batch of 122 students passed out in March 2014. The Third Convocation was held on March 15, 2014. Gold medals were awarded for Best Scholastic Performance and Best All-round Performance.

The Alumni community of the Institute has expanded and the alumni activities have continued. The First Alumni Meet was held at the Institute in January 2015.

The Fourth Batch of PGP was inaugurated on July 1, 2013 and that batch is passing out today with 152 students.

The Institute had an increased batch size of over 150 since the 2013-15 (Fourth Batch) admissions. 150-160 students are expected to be admitted in the Sixth Batch (2015-17) as well.

The Institute entered the second year of its Fellow Programme in Management during the year. Eight students have been admitted in the batch.

While the excellent infrastructure and facilities of M.D University facilitated the Institute’s successful academic activities, the resource support and guidance of the Ministry of HRD helped it continue its journey smoothly in the fifth year.

As of now IIM Rohtak is the only IIM located strategically in the National Capital Region of India. This and the IIM brand identity require IIM Rohtak to assume great responsibilities for the nation. When India is aspiring to be a global economic and intellectual leader again, it’s obligatory on IIM Rohtak to lend its own hand to such a grand task. Hence, it’s IIM Rohtak’s vision to be a global leader in management education, to be India’s future Nalanda in management, in due course of time. In tune with this vision, the Institute has a long-term strategic plan for growth, development and leadership.

IIM Rohtak recognizes the parameters of global leadership as global outlook, global size, global brand, global culture, global ingredients, global processes, global contribution, and a global boundary. It’s IIM Rohtak’s resolve to do everything possible to achieve its vision.

Reflecting this resolve, the logo of IIM Rohtak incorporates an open book symbol (to represent the knowledge creation and learning), a peacock symbol (to embody the society’s or nation’s pride in what IIM Rohtak strives to achieve), and a motto ‘Management through knowledge and values’ (to emphasize the focus on knowledge and value system (which, in turn, signifies the principles of corporate governance and social responsibility)). Its logo has been designed in the background of two vibrant colours: red signifying the vibrancy of youth, who form the mainstay of academic activities of the Institute, and green representing both the prosperity that education promises and the managerial harmony required with nature. The white shade used in the peacock and open book stands for the ubiquitous power of knowledge and for social harmony.

IIM Rohtak intends to develop its students and trainees as leader managers with a sense of excellence, strong social commitment and a passionate adherence to value system. In this sense, IIM Rohtak is a mission indeed. What the Institute continued to do in its fifth year is a reflection of its mission.

IIM Rohtak is the fifth IIM to get membership of AACSB, the most coveted international accreditation agency. It has been followed up with a pre-accreditation application as a first step to enter the accreditation process. The pre-accreditation process was commenced and the Institute has been complying with the pre-accreditation requirements.

IIM Rohtak was also decisive in initiating its first international partnership with a leading US institution, Kelley School of Business. It had subsequently signed agreements with Singapore Management University and the California State University at Fullerton, USA. It is also in the process of identifying other international partners.

The placement scenario was brighter than in the previous year due to the improved macroeconomic and business outlook that emerged in India during the year. The Final Placement of the Batch was completed very successfully, with participation of 60 companies. The average salary showed an increase of 8.3% over the previous year. The Top 50 of the Batch had an average CTC of Rs.1.36 million and the average CTC of the Top 100 was Rs.1.17 million. Final placement offers came from such well-known brands as JP Morgan, KPMG, E&Y, ICICI, HSBC, Cognizant, Infosys, Mphasis, Wipro, Larson & Toubro, Mother Dairy, Yes Bank, Bharat Petroleum, Tata Motors, SBI, HDFC, Amazon, Future Group, Bajaj Corp,  Crisil, Jindal Steel, Boston Analytics, Pernod Richard, and Mindtree.

The Summer Placement of Batch 5 too was 100% successful, as in the past four years, with participation of 51 companies. The recruiters included Dabur, American Express, J.P Morgan, ICICI, Wipro, Amway, Jindal Steel, Lava, Tata Steel and Zee Media. The average stipend for 2 months showed an increase of over 20% over the previous year.

The intake of the 5th batch of Post-Graduate Programme has been 145.

IIM Rohtak has plans to achieve global size in its flagship programmes in the next 15-20 years. However, to carry forward the growth actions, a quick shift to the New Campus will be essential. That’s why it is a priority to complete the first phase of the New Campus within the next 2 years.

To facilitate the New Campus Development activities, a Programme Management Consultant was identified through a competitive process. A Master Plan Designer/Project Architect was also selected through a similar process. Boundary wall and gates have been built in the New Campus. The work on peripheral road and drainage has substantially progressed. A Master Plan Design has been prepared through a long process involving various stakeholders and by incorporating insights from well-known institutions. The initial statutory approvals essential for commencing the construction work have been obtained. The tender process for the construction work of the first phase of the Campus has been completed and the work is expected to commence soon.

IIM Rohtak is committed to be part of the national efforts to ensure fair and equitable opportunities. So, the Institute has made sincere efforts to meet its obligation towards achieving diversity in its batches. In addition to its steps to ensure due representation of SC, ST, OBC and DAP candidates, its PGP admission policy explicitly targets increasing the proportion of female and non-engineering segments. Thus, the Fifth Batch has a female proportion of about 33% and a non-engineering proportion of about 27%, both of which are among the highest among IIMs.

In view of the global economic scenario and its likely impact on family incomes, IIM Rohtak had decided to continue the PGP fees of batch 2011-13 for batch 2014-16 as well.

IIM Rohtak had started its short-run executive programmes called Management Development Programmes during 2012-13 with two sponsored programmes. The Institute continued to organize such programmes during 2014-15 as well.

The long duration Executive Education Programme is nearing the launching stage and is likely to be launched in the forthcoming academic year. A technology partner (Hughes) has been identified and the agreement is being signed.

The Institute entered the second year of its doctoral programme, Fellow Programme in Management. Eight students got admitted to the Second Batch. The First Batch is just completing its second year of academic activities and is about to enter the Thesis stage. For the Third Batch, about 350 applications have been received and the process of scrutiny and selection is in progress.

Six rounds of faculty recruitment have been completed. The seventh is being planned. The current faculty strength (including both regular and contractual appointments) is 23 (including Director) as compared to 18 last year. Our target is to take it to 30 in the next academic year. Quality is the foremost criterion in our recruitments.

Currently there are 24 staff members, 20 of which are posted against approved positions either on regular or contract basis. Sanction for 6 additional positions has been accorded by MHRD for meeting the growing staff requirements of the Institute. Process to fill these and other vacant approved positions is at various stages.

All of our faculty members are committed to publishing their research output in high quality journals and other outlets. During 2014-15, over 54 research papers have been published in leading journals by them. Most of the papers have appeared in journals of some of the best known publishers of the world. Dr Gopal Das, Dr Arpita Khare and Dr Praveen Ranjan Srivastava were the leading contributors in this.

Faculty members had also to their credit 12 papers in conferences of international quality, in addition to a book and book chapters.

The Institute organized the Fourth and Fifth HR Summit to focus attention on the topical issue of managing the New Generation employees. It also organized the First PSU Summit and the First Internet Start-up Summit. Several corporate leaders and participants were part of these Summits. It also organized the Third IIM Rohtak-NCR Business Summit to bring together the entrepreneurs and CXOs of companies based in the NCR region and to recognize their contribution to the development of the region. It was attended by several entrepreneurs/CXOs.

Facilities of the Institute rented from M.D University included an academic block with 6 classrooms and office space, hostels sufficient for over 300 students on twin-sharing basis, 9 faculty houses, and residence for the Director. The Institute has subsequently furnished the classrooms and offices as required and developed a seminar hall facility, library (Knowledge Resources Centre), and computer centre (IT Resources Centre). Facilities for MDP, video-conferencing, meetings have also been set up. The KRC has all necessary online journals and databases, and ITRC has set up Institute’s own e-mail system, servers, network access and other facilities. Institute has 1 gbps access to the National Knowledge Network. Services of Institute’s part-time clinic facility have been improved. The regular cafeteria is also functioning well within its limitations. The Institute also has an ATM access at its own premise.

Institute had, financially, a smooth running in the year thanks to the generous grants from MHRD. The Ministry has assured us of complete support in the New Campus Development as well as in developing IIM Rohtak as a truly autonomous global institution of excellence and a knowledge centre.

The Corpus Fund set up by the Institute to develop its resources for future use has been augmented.

Institute has organized several activities to foster the institutional culture and promote the feeling of oneness and dedication.

The Fifth Foundation Anniversary Day (Sixth Foundation Day) of the Institute was celebrated on November 16, 2014 with usual fervour and gaiety. Academic events involving corporate leaders on the theme ‘Leveraging India’s High Growth Potential for Global Leadership’ was organised during the occasion.

The 68th Independence Day and 66th Republic Day were celebrated at the Institute with wholehearted participation and excitement. An oath of rededication was taken during the celebrations to foster national integration and social harmony.

Student activities during the year were diverse and their achievements were truly commendable. The students, with faculty support, organized the Fourth Management Conclave on the umbrella theme ‘Mission India’ with a focus on “Becoming Agents of Change: Building Competencies for the Ever-evolving Business Environment”, which brought together nearly a few dozens of corporate leaders including a large number of CXOs to the campus to discuss from various angles the mission of finding ways to address the issues.

Students had taken initiatives to spread the message of ‘India for Girl Child’ to bring the nation’s attention to the problems of girls and women. As part of this, in association with business sponsors, the education of selected girl children is being supported. The students organized such popular activities as (the Fourth) Mini-Marathon race to take the initiative to the heart of the society. The race was flagged off by India’s first blade-runner, Mr. D.P Singh. The students organized the Third Infusion, a cultural event, with widespread participation from several major business schools including all IIMs. Students also played a major role in the media relations and industry interaction activities. They also won several prizes in the events organized by various business schools and other entities.

During 2014-15, a large number of academic and other dignitaries visited the Institute for interaction with the students and faculty. These included, among others, top corporate personalities such as CXOs of Evalueserve, Majestic Auto, Hero Motocorp, Appolo Hospitals, Guardian Pharmacy, AM International, NTPC, Central Warehousing Corporation, EPIL, Canon India, ITI, Polaris, Monster India, Reliance Digital Retail, Unicode Systems, Dabur India, LPS, R.J Corp (Airport), Sopra and Children Film Society of India.

IIM Rohtak has been working on common issues such as admission to PGP in collaboration with other IIMs particularly new ones. IIM Rohtak along with other new IIMs is part of the Standing Committee constituted by MHRD. The Chairmen of the new IIMs along with their Directors have been playing a significant role in fostering a collaborative relation among new IIMs.

200 acres of land in the Sunaria village of Rohtak is available for New Campus Development. The full campus is expected to be completed in 4-5 stages in the next 10-15 years. Shifting to the New Campus is expected towards the end of first stage of construction. As per current plans, the academic operations may be shifted to the New Campus towards the end of the academic session 2016-17. The total fund requirement anticipated for the multi-stage Campus work is about Rs.1000 crores.

The Institute would continue to operate from the existing transit campus till its own Campus is ready. M.D University has facilitated this smooth continuation by agreeing to extension of the MOU for another 3 years till March 2016. Further extension may be requested as per requirement.

India’s future ascendance to global leadership will depend on its ability to make original contribution in various fields of knowledge and wealth creation. Fundamental and applied research is a crucial factor in this respect. It’s IIM Rohtak’s resolve to lead management research in the country and help India attain global leadership in the creation and application of management knowledge. Therefore, research output will be an integral part of the Institute’s academic performance evaluations.

To realize the vision and aspirations of IIM Rohtak with respect to development of global management knowledge and resources, the wholehearted support of all of its stakeholders will be essential. Therefore, it’s natural for IIM Rohtak to look forward to your limitless support and patronage. Your contribution will help make The Mission Called IIM Rohtak.

The incumbent Founding Director of the Institute will be completing his tenure towards the end of this year. While the Institute was able to cross most of the milestones of progress set for the past 5 years and was able to establish itself as an institution of excellence befitting the IIM tradition, it is his regret that, on account of various external factors, he could not achieve the planned shift of the operations of the Institute to the permanent Campus within the first 3-4 years as originally thought.

Before I conclude I would like to sincerely thank the Chairman, Mr. Ravi Kant, and members of the Board of Governors and the Society of the Institute for their emphasis on excellence and support to the academic and developmental activities of the Institute. Further, I extend my sincere gratitude to the Ministry of HRD, Government of India, the Government of Haryana and its various departments, M.D University and its Vice Chancellor, and the public representatives and district authorities of Rohtak for their material and moral support and guidance, the media for their continuous patronage, and the faculty and staff of the Institute for their selfless effort and dedication to the cause of the Institute and the nation. I also thank all others who contributed in any significant or indirect manner to the well-being of the Institute.

At the end, I personally thank all those who helped me in discharging the challenging responsibilities as the Founding Director of the Institute and those who have put up with the arduous task of building an Institute of the stature of an IIM from scratch with many personal sacrifices.

Thank you all.

Jai Hind!