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Dr. Deepika Jain

Fellow,  Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

Area: Production and Operations Management

Contact E-mail: deepika.jain@iimrohtak.ac.in
Phone: 01262 – 228557
Experience Dr. Deepika Jain is a faculty in the Operations Management Area at IIM Rohtak. She has completed her Fellow Program in Management (FPM) in Production and Operations Management area from IIM Bangalore. Prior to that, she obtained a master in Applied Operational Research and a bachelor in Mathematics from University of Delhi. 

Her research focuses on operational issues in information goods markets. Specifically she analyses the effect of recent disruptions such as new product introduction, new pricing mechanism or change in consumption pattern to name a few, on market dynamics in long run.

Teaching Areas Operations Management, Stochastic Models in Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Inventory Management, Revenue Management, Game Theory, Pricing
Research Interest









Game Theoretical Application, Stochastic Models, Applications in OM-Marketing Interface, Competitive Strategy 

Working Papers

1. Jain, D. & Jonnalagedda, S. Taking the Lead: Can Recommender Systems Lend a Helping Hand to Late Entrants?”

2. Jain, D., Jonnalagedda, S., & Kumar, S. Add-on or Switch to Subscription Services: Optimal Response of Incumbent to Entry in Subscription Markets.

3. Jain, D. & Jonnalagedda, S. A Comparison of Bundling and Linear Pricing of Complementary Information Goods.

Conference Presentations

Jain, D. & Jonnalagedda, S (2014). Taking the Lead: Can Recommender Systems Lend a Helping Hand to Late Entrants at Manufacturing Service and Operations Management (MSOM) Conference, The Foster School of Business, University of Washington, Washington, USA.