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Computing facilities at IIM Rohtak uses latest computers for providing support for diverse computing requirements, access to databases and archives for rapid retrieval of relevant information and for updating and dissemination of academic and research material. The IT setup at IIMR comprises of a multi layered architecture, the lowest layer of which is made up of personal computers and workstations. The next layer consists of Active Directory Server and Database servers. The third layer consists of Web server, Mail Server and other high-end servers /Computers required for high resources demanding tasks. The Academic building, including hostel in the campus are part of the campus LAN and all the services available on the LAN can be accessed from any System.

Hardware Infrastructure.
There are more than 90 (i3 and i5, i7) High End personal computers connected over the campus LAN under some of the latest Operating Systems running on some of the latest High-end Quaid core Xeon Processor based IBM Servers. Computer Lab and Class Rooms are equipped with the Corei5 Second generation and Corei3 Processor based Computers.

Network printing facility is available on a wide variety of printers such as Heavy Duty Color Multi-Function Network Laser Printers. These printers are accessible from hostel. Other equipment available in Computer Centre includes Notebooks, CD/DVD Writers, High quality Scanners and LCD Projectors.

Campus Network

The Academic buildings in the campus are interconnected through a 6 core SMF Gigabit Fiber Optic backbone. The connectivity to Desktops is using 4 pair CAT 6 UTP cable ensuring a dedicated 100Mbps bandwidth at desktop level. The Computer Center acts as the main hub of the network and hosts a layer3 backbone switch. The workgroup switches are located in the respective buildings. All the hostel rooms are also connected to the campus Wi-Fi.

The Wi-Fi has been enabled to provide mobility to the users in accessing various services available on institute’s network. All the guest houses and residences are connected via Wi-Fi backbone. Classrooms, Library, Computer Centre and Seminar Hall have been enabled with indoor wireless network.

An environment of wide variety of operating systems such as Windows7 Professional, Windows vista, Windows Server2008-R2 and Redhat Enterprises Linux6 has been established in IIM Rohtak to make students familiar with latest operating systems.


1. Prowess IQ, Capex

Perpetual License
1) SPSS24,  Amos24,  SPSS19, Amos19
2) E-views
3) NVivo
4) Minitab17
5) MS Project Professional 2013.
6) Crystal ball

Yearly Subscriptions:
1) Dynamics Academic Alliance
2) SAS 9.4 with SAS Miner
3) Turnitin.
4) MS Office 2016, Microsoft.
5) Oracle Academy: Advanced Computer Science subscriptions.

Video Conferencing Facility

Institute has latest videoconferencing facility of Cisco Tandberg make. Having this facility Institute can organize the Lecture session from any part of the world over IP as well as on ISDN.