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IIM Rohtak organized Management Summit 2.0

The Indian Institute of Management, Rohtak organized the second Management Summit of this year at the United Service Institution, New Delhi on 7th October, 2017. The theme of the summit was ‘Paradox of Innovation’, focused on how to exploit existing product innovation competencies for a better tomorrow. The summit was attended by dignitaries from various industry sectors as well as the media.

Talking about the investment in innovation, Mr. Venkatesh Sarvasiddhi, Head-Academic Initiatives & Microsoft Innovation Center, said “Microsoft annually invests $ 8.5 billion on R&D and putting money in R&D is not our only objective. It’s about putting the money in right place through which we can bring the change.” He further told that Microsoft is focusing extensively on transforming the educational curriculum so that the latest technologies are taught to the graduating students.

“The era of cost optimization has arrived and the banking sector also needs to continuously revive themselves”, said Ms. Rashmi Jahagirdar, Director Technology, Global Head of QA Strategy and Management, Deutsche Bank. “With things being done faster and cheaper, there has been a paradigmatic shift to the Indo – Pacific region due to lower development cost and in the coming years, the focus will shift to the African subcontinent” , she remarked.

Speaking on the impact of innovations on the print media, Mr. Rasul Bailay, Senior Assistant Editor, The Economic Times said, “Earlier we used to print lengthy articles of about 1500 words. But with the advent of technology, youngsters are keener on reading ‘bytes’ of news. The emergence of Twitter, Facebook, news apps has led to the media houses tapping to these newer avenues.”

“We can’t analyse art, it is an expression and in today’s generation, analysis of shows is done using the reach on internet,” said Mr. Adarsh Thottetodi, Creative Director, NDTV. “People are always in search of something new and hence the focus of media has now shifted to shows with independent artists. NDTV is creating platforms for such artists.”

Mr. Rajiv Soni, Senior Director, Information services, Stryker advocated the use of AI, Robotics and 3D technology in the field of knee replacement. “Earlier there was readmission in 78% of cases in knee replacement because even a 1mm of difference in joint restructuring causes pain. However, with the assistance of robotics in the analysis has reduced this number to 66%, “he told.

The summit was also attended by Mr. Dhruv Luthra, Head Infra and Textiles, Luthra Group, Mrs Praveen Chauhan, Head HR, Agarwal Packers & Movers Ltd and Mr. Sunil Omanwar, Head Learning & Organisation Development, Fortis Healthcare.

Director, IIM Rohtak, Prof. Dheeraj Sharma concluded the session by telling the importance of innovations. He said, “There are 3 kinds of innovations: – Continuous, discontinuous and disruptive based on the time frame they occur. Today the major economies of the world like Europe and Japan are facing a slowdown because there’s an ardent need of a disruptive disruption. Most of the technologies that we are using today are almost 25-30 years old.”