Interactive Session of Dr. Subramanian Swamy, Hon’ble Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha

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The Induction programme of 8th batch of PGP at IIM Rohtak was culminated with an interactive session of Dr. Subramanian Swamy, Hon’ble Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha. The topic of the session was ‘Importance of Management perspective in good governance’.

Dr. Swami asserted that the Governance is marshaling the resources of the nation for the optimal utilization to fuel the growth. For effective management, the first step is listing the objectives and then comes getting your priorities straight. The third step involves strategizing the ways to achieve them, followed by resource mobilization,” he added.

“While the Indian education system awards prominence only to the development of cognitive intelligence, other dimensions such as emotional, social, moral and spiritual intelligence are largely disregarded. For holistic development for an individual as well as the nation, it is high time we gave equal emphasis to all these forms of intelligence,” observed Dr. Swamy.

In his address, Dr. Swami advocated for a tri-lateral relationship among India, China and the United States. “China has serious apprehensions that India might become a strong US ally in South Asia and disturb regional balance,” he said. In this context, India has to adopt a very balance approach.

Dr.Swami also talked about importance of debate and discussion for right level of risk taking. He urged students to take interest in entrepreneurship to facilitate job creation. Risk of entrepreneurship needs to be balanced with benefits arising from entrepreneurship. Speaking on the reasons for the Chinese economic slowdown, Dr. Swami explained, “Chinese economic strategy for the past thirty years, have been to import semi-processed goods from East Asia, add value to them, and export them to Europe and America. In 1980s, it became profitable for the East Asian countries to manufacture in China, labour being inexpensive. China has had a positive trade balance with the West and a negative one with the East Asian countries.” Chinese labour is now becoming expensive, which is the primary reason for their slowdown, he continued.

In a speech that was equally enlightening and entertaining, he said, “Historically, Indian society has always given equal status to women.” “In Brahma’s cabinet, all important portfolios were held by women: Defence was with Durga, Finance with Laxmi, and Education with Saraswati; only Information Broadcasting was held by a man – Narad Muni,” he laughed.

Director, IIM Rohtak, Prof. Dheeraj Sharma aptly summed up the session with a striking example on the debate of utilitarianism and reductionism. He emphasized that a balance needs to be created between the two. That’s where the management perspectives align with governance. In his vote of thanks address, Prof. Sharma thanked Dr. Swami for gracing the occasion and enlightening the students with his immense knowledge and motivating words. He also initiated the tradition of taking over of PGP-08 batch by Chairperson, PGP from Chairperson, Admission at IIM Rohtak.