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FAQs for FPM at IIM Rohtak

What is FPM?

FPM is the doctoral programme at IIM Rohtak. The overall vision of IIM Rohtak is to be global leader in the creation and dissemination of knowledge in Management. The FPM at IIM Rohtak aims at developing high quality management researchers and academicians for academic institutions, research organizations, government and society in India and abroad.
Which areas of specialization are offered in the Fellow Programme in Management?
Economic & Public Policy; Finance & Accounting; Human Resources Management and Organizational Behaviour; Management Information Systems; Marketing Management; Operations Management & Quantitative Techniques; Strategic Management.
Do I have an option of doing inter-disciplinary research?
There is an option of interdisciplinary research for the fellow participants. Specifically, in areas like Retail Management, Manufacturing including Logistics and Supply Chain Management
For How many areas I can apply?
A candidate can apply to only one area at a time.
Can I change my area of research during my stay at IIM Rohtak?
A candidate is selected for the FPM by and to an area. Hence She/He will   not be permitted to shift to any other area under any circumstances.
Qualifying Examination
A candidate should have a valid test score not older than two years from the date of application in any of the following tests:
1. CAT conducted by IIMs
2. GMAT/GRE (General/Advanced)
3. UGC/JRF (other JRFs will not be considered)
5. PGDM of IIMs not older than 5 years
Those appearing for the final eligibility exams can also apply; but, their final selection will be subject to successful completion of the requirement. Such applicants should submit   the required proof of their eligibility qualifications latest by 22nd of January, 2018 following the date of admission.
Candidates possessing PGDM of IIMs with a minimum CGPA of 6.5 out of 10 or equivalent will be eligible for applying directly (i.e., without again taking qualifying examination).
Wherever the total and/or the sectional scores of the qualifying examination mentioned above, the candidates should have scored at least 85 percentile in total to be eligible to apply for the FPM of IIM Rohtak. In case of GMAT score, it should be 650 and be in the top15 percentile.
Non-Resident Indians, Persons of Indian origin and other foreign citizens should have a valid GMAT/GRE score of not older than two years from the date of application.
What are the area Specific Criteria for admission to respective areas for 2018?
The respective Areas will decide its own choice of tests (one or multiple) from among the tests listed above. The actual cut-off scores used by different Areas for shortlisting may, however, be higher than the scores mentioned as minimum eligibility.
Is there any relaxation for admissions to FPM at IIM Rohtak?
The following categories of candidates will be eligible for relaxation in admission
criterion as indicated below:
(a) Candidates possessing PGDM of IIMs with a minimum CGPA of 6.5 out of 10 or equivalent will be eligible for applying directly (i.e., without again taking qualifying examination).
(b) IIM Rohtak encourages applications from Non-Resident Indians, Persons of Indian origin and foreign citizens. Such candidates should have a valid GMAT/GRE score of not older than 2 years from the date of application.
How can I apply?
Application form can be filled online on the institute’s website. A filled-in form along with an application fee of Rs. 1000/- in the form of a crossed DD/Fee Receipt should be received at the institute by January 22, 2018. Application form and other details are available at:    http://www.iimrohtak.ac.in/programs/doctoral.html
What is the admission process of FPM?
The number of candidates to be called for interview in each Area will be decided by the Area. The shortlisted candidates will be called for personal interview at IIM Rohtak or any other venue fixed by the Institute which will be mentioned in the call letter for interview. In the interviews, the candidates will be assessed for their intellectual capabilities, research aptitude and interest in the management discipline.
What are the important deadlines?
Last date for application submission: January, 22, 2018
Date of Personal Interview: To be declared
What kind of financial support is available for the FPM students?
(a) *Fellowship of Rs. 30,000/- per month in the first and second years
(b) *Fellowship of Rs 35,000/- per month for the third and fourth years.
(c) In addition to this, a merit fellowship of Rs. 10,000/- per month in the second year and Rs. 15,000/- per month in the third and fourth years is given to the deserving participants.
(d) *All the participants will receive a contingency grant of Rs. 1,85,000/-   distributed across four years of the programme.
*subject to satisfactory performance
IIM Rohtak will not charge tuition and certain other related fees from the participants who receive the fellowship. They are expected to pay for their food expenses, admission offer acceptance fee, alumni association fee, placement fee and any other fee specified. Family accommodation charges with electricity and water charges will be applicable, if availed.
Does IIM Rohtak provide any support to attend or participate in conferences to its fellow scholars?
The participants will be provided potential financial support for attending national and international conferences as well as for academic exchange visits to partner institutions as per the institute norms.
Is hostel facility available for the fellows?
All fellow participants are expected to be available in the campus throughout the programme except during approved field visits, leave or vacation of participants.
Hostel accommodation will be provided to all fellow participants. For family accommodation, a monthly rent of Rs.2000 will be charged from the participants. Electricity and water charges will be levied as per actual.
What is the average time to complete FPM?
The duration of FPM of IIM Rohtak is of four years. In special cases where there are valid reasons for delay, the term of a fellow participant can be extended for six more months with provision for payment of fellowship and financial support at a reduced rate.
Does IIM Rohtak provide placement assistance to the FPM students?
High performing fellow participants are likely to get opportunities to visit partner institutions in India or abroad as per Institute norms.
IIM Rohtak may also arrange placement opportunities for those who are about to complete the programme by submitting the draft thesis for evaluation. If the draft thesis is submitted before the PGP final placement week in any year, the Fellow participant can also participate in the same placement process, on the basis of FPM.
Is there any provision for Part time FPM?
No. FPM at IIM Rohtak is a fully residential programme. However,
possibilities for part time FPM at IIM Rohtak are being explored.
Where should I send my queries for FPM at IIM Rohtak?
Further details can be obtained from:
Administrative Officer
(FPM Programme)
Indian Institute of Management Rohtak
MDU Campus, Rohtak, Haryana, India. 124001
Email: fpmoffice@iimrohtak.ac.in
Phone: 01262-228550, Fax: 01262-274051 

Testimonial of an FPM Alumnus of IIM Rohtak: Ankur Chauhan
Question 1: How was overall experience at IIM Rohtak
Reflection 1: For me IIM Rohtak is one of the best IIM among the 2nd generation of IIMs. In my view, in terms of research and faculty base, it is much ahead of the few established IIMs. The research output of the professors and my colleagues including myself has been recorded fantastic ever since from its inception. The expertise of my supervisor helped me in settling in the place and my comfortable introduction to research work which was completely an unknown field to me before joining IIM Rohtak.
Question 2: How was the course work
Reflection 2: IIM Rohtak has a rigorous course work of two years. Few people feel it as an extra burden on a research scholar but for me it was a blessing in terms of learning new subjects, the management, the cases, and preparing myself for management research and a perfect classroom of an IIM. Another interesting side of course work is that we are exposed to the best faculty members for our specialisation courses from our country in inclusion with our in house professors.
Question 3: About the batchmates
Reflection 3: My batchmates were from different educational background which included commerce, economics, and various engineering streams such as information technology, bio-technology, electronics & communication engineering, and mechanical engineering, etc. This diversification in my batchmates educational profile helped me in understanding the significance of management for different knowledge domains and ofcourse their expertise in different areas helped each other in doing smooth course work.
Question 4: About the faculty
Reflection 4: We had faculty members from IIMs & IITs who were compatible in taking courses as well as helping in research. Additionally, the faculty members from other top state and central universities were also included in developing a best faculty mix. The faculty members of IIM Rohtak are one of the best researchers which can be easily observed from their quality of publications.
Question 5: Related to Funding
Reflection 5: We, FPM Scholars, have sufficient funds at IIM Rohtak which can be utilized in buying books, printing research articles, pen-paper, photostates, etc. Additionally, a grant of 50K is given to purchase Laptops and other electronic accessories.
Question 6: Related to international/national conference
Reflection 6: The sufficient funds for at least two international conferences and many national conferences are available to an FPM scholar at IIM Rohtak.