Testimonial of an FPM Alumnus of IIM Rohtak: Ankur Chauhan


Question 1: How was your overall experience at IIM Rohtak?

Reflection 1: For me IIM Rohtak is one of the best IIMs among the 2nd generation IIMs. In my view, in terms of research and faculty base, it is much ahead of the few established IIMs. The research output of the professors and my colleagues is excellent The expertise of my supervisor helped me throughout my tenure at IIM Rohtk and the course work helped in building a solid foundation for research work which was completely an unknown field to me before joining IIM Rohtak.

Question 2: How was the course work?

Reflection 2: IIM Rohtak has a rigorous course work of two years. For me it was a blessing in terms of learning new courses in management, analyzing cases, and preparing myself for management research in a perfect classroom setup of an IIM. Another interesting side of course work is that get to interact and learn from one of the best minds working in the area of our interest.

Question 3: About the Batch mates

Reflection 3: My batchmates were from different educational backgrounds which included commerce, economics, and various engineering streams such as information technology, bio-technology, electronics & communication engineering, and mechanical engineering, etc. This diversity in terms of educational profile helped me in understanding the significance of management for different knowledge domains and of course their expertise in different areas generated diverse perspectives in the discussions.

Question 4: About the faculty

Reflection 4: We had faculty members from IIMs & IITs who were compatible in taking courses as well as helping in research. Additionally, the faculty members from other top institutes (both national and international) were also invited to take up a few courses. The faculty members of IIM Rohtak are one of the best researchers which can be easily observed from their quality of publications.

Question 5: Related to Funding

Reflection 5:We, FPM Scholars, have sufficient funds at IIM Rohtak which can be utilized in buying books, printing research articles, buying stationery etc. Additionally, a grant of Rs. 50000 is given to purchase Laptops and other electronic accessories.

Question 6: Related to international/national conference

Reflection 6:Sufficient funds to attend at least two international conferences and many national conferences are available to an FPM scholar at IIM Rohtak.

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Testimonial of an FPM Alumnus of IIM Rohtak: Mr. Gaurav Khatwani

Ques: – 1) How was overall experience at IIM Rohtak?

Ans:-Overall experience at IIM Rohtak was exciting, when I joined IIM Rohtak our batch had responsibility to build foundation as the Institute was at developing stage.

Ques:-2) How was the course work?

Ans: – The course work was challenging. We have to compete with PGP students to prove our mettle.

Ques:-3) About the batchmates and faculty?

Ans: – The batchmates and faculty members are just like family members. It’s a home away from home. They always support you in both personally and professionally.

Ques: – 4) Related to Funding and international/national conference?

Ans: – Funding is critical part of research. For funding to be approved one has to justify quality of work. Moreover funding to National / International conferences is available. Many FPM students have already attended reputed conferences in USA, Europe and other countries.

Ques: – 5) How to cope with the course work who do not have relevant research/ work experience?

Ans: – The advice for inexperienced students is to capture different ideas and perspectives that emanate from the diversity that IIM Rohtak provides to its students. Students from varied industries and field join IIM Rohtak and have been doing well

Ques: – 6) What was your overall learning experience?

Ans: – Overall learning experience at IIM Rohtak was amazing. It was a journey worth remembering wherein I have learnt so many things not just in classrooms and through academics but alsoby actively participating in events like  Management Conclaves, industry interactions and Infusion (Annual Event) to name a few.

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