1. Testimonial by FPM 01 student Ankur Chauhan

2)  Testimonial by FPM 01 student Gaurav Khatwani

Ques: – 1) How was overall experience at IIM Rohtak?

Ans:-Overall experience at IIM Rohtak was exciting, when I joined IIM Rohtak our batch had responsibility to build foundation as the Institute was at developing stage.

Ques:-2) How was the course work?

Ans: – The course work was challenging. We have to compete with PGP student to prove that FPM as bit apart and set different benchmark.

Ques:-3) About the batchmates and faculty?

Ans: – The batchmates and faculty members are family members. They always support you in personally and professionally.

Ques: – 4) Related to Funding and international/national conference?

Ans: – Funding is critical part of research. For funding to be approved one has to justify quality of work. Moreover funding to National / International conference is available. Couple of FPM students already visited USA, Europe and other countries.

Ques: – 5) How to cope with the course work who do not have relevant research/ work experience?

Ans: – The advice for inexperienced students is to capture diversity that IIM Rohtak provides to students. The students from varied industry and fields join IIM Rohtak.

Ques: – 6) Overall learning experience?

Ans: – Overall learning experience through activities such as Management Conclave, Internet summit and infusion (Annual Event) adds value to the career.