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Sixth HR Summit  held on August 8th, 2015

Event Summary

Amidst the turbulent landscape of business enterprises of India, the Human resource vertical has seen the most promising and lasting changes. Disruptive technologies of social media has altered the HR field and completely changed how organisations view and interact with current and prospective employees. Realising the scope and importance of Human resources, Indian Institute of Management, Rohtak organised their 6th HR Summit on 8th August, on the topic “HR systems, practices and policies for knowledge workforce”.

The first panel discussed the role of social media in recruitment process. Mr. Manmohan Bhutani, Head HR & VP Business Operations, ACS Group, discussed the importance of social media platforms like LinkedIn for employer branding and different strategies used by companies. Mr. Vikram Jit Singh, Vice President HR at IPE Global Private Ltd., pointed out the reasons behind recruitment through social media as it is inexpensive. Mr. Manish Gour, Director HR at Alstom India Ltd, and Mr. Karunesh Nigam, VP and Head, Rewards and Services, Janalakshmi Financial Services highlighted the evolution of recruitment processes. Mr. Hemant Sethia, Vice President at Credit Suisse advised to focus on quality over quantity of connections.

The second panel discussed about the role of virtual world in networking. Mr. Narinder Ahluwalia, COO, GP Sourcing, emphasized on the importance of virtual networking and how its potential is yet to be realized. The panel touched upon the fact that one’s behaviour on virtual platforms can act as a make or break factor in recruitments. Mr. Amit Das, Co Founder & CEO, Lead Lab, advised students to be clear about which companies they want to follow and focus on connecting with them. Ms. Deepti Vij, Associate Director TA, EY Global Delivery Network, rightly said, ethical understanding of people relations is crucial in virtual networking. Honesty, whether in the real or virtual world, on the individual as well as on the organisational level is paramount. The panel also discussed about the evolution of HR function over the past two decades.

The third panel discussed about developing business sense for HR professionals in the context of profit and loss. The discussion was primarily focused on ability of HR professionals to make smart and financially viable decisions. Dr. S.V.Bhave – Sr. VP HR, IR & Admin, Bharat Forge, highlighted the need for HR professionals to understand numbers such as costs and profit per employee. Ms. Alka Gulati, Director – HR & Admin, Hughes Communication India Ltd talked about the role of human resources in resolving the problem of industrial relations in manufacturing sector. The panel arrived on a consensus that HR professionals should understand the business of organization on a holistic level in order to improve the profitability.

The fourth panel discussed about recruitment challenges for knowledge based workforce. Mr. Anupam Hans, Head Talent Acquisition, Edelweiss Finance touched upon the concepts of employability and individuality of employees. Mr. Subhankar Roy Chowdhury, Global Head HR Strategy, Lenovo, discussed about India’s growth in fostering its high skilled talent pool. He also remarked the prospects of global mobility. Mr. Kunal Karan, Human Resources Manager, Novo Nordisk India said that organizations need to focus on data driven decision making instead of intuition based decision making. The discourse revolved around devising a strategy to live up to the aspirations of young knowledge based workforce.

The HR summit proved to be a smashing success, with insightful discussions and ideas from the industry stalwarts. With an unprecedented enthusiasm from the students which was evident from the discussion and incisive questions from them, the trend of declining interest in the HR vertical seems to be reversing.