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Future leaders at IIM Rohtak Explore Entrepreneurship at ‘Udaan’ 2014

An Idea, some dreams, the passion to pursue, probably a bit of intuition and a pinch of good luck together make a perfect brew to create a successful entrepreneur. But the journey that has been romanticised by the stories of the big fish like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Daksha etc., does not always depict the other half of the story, which includes relentless hard work, unyielding spirit and the constant daily struggle that becomes an integral part of an entrepreneur’s life, when he decide to create his own business entity.

Saluting the spirit of these men and women who decide to be their own boss, create jobs, and make the world around them, a better place to be in, IIM Rohtak organised the first edition of Udaan. Udaan ’14 celebrates the first few years of an entrepreneur’s journey which is crucial to the success of their venture. In its first edition themed, ‘The Making of an Entrepreneur’, the E-Cell of IIM Rohtak brought together leaders from various domains on a platform to discuss various aspects of the ‘beginning’ of the next big venture.

Adding to the flavours of Entrepreneurship, there was a diverse gathering of speakers including Bollywood celebrity Mr Piyush Mishra, Mr Pradeep Gidwani (Founder, The Pint Room, Co-founder- The Beer Café) and Mr Sanjiv Bajaj (MD, Bajaj Capital). Mr Pradeep Gidwani, the man responsible for popularizing Foster’s in India, immediately engaged the participants with the anecdotes of his long journey. Mr Gidwani remarked that there is no one secret recipe to become a successful entrepreneur, as is often said in media. The awe-inspiring moment for audience was when he talked about his farewell gift at Foster’s- as he termed it, “the meal with Michael Schumacher”. He also spoke about how the virtue of honesty that he learned from his father kept him driving in the right direction throughout his journey. Mr Gidwani emphasized,” There is no secret mantra for Success, it’s just FOCUS, FOCUS and FOCUS… Get your hands dirty and keep going forward.”

Mr. Akshay Saxena, President and co-founder of Avanti Learning Centre, spoke passionately about social entrepreneurship. Mr Saxena said,” Entrepreneurship is cool, but never do it in life for the wrong reasons.” “The one thing I was not passionate about was working for others, I always wanted to be my own Boss” he said. Avanti Learning Centres help disadvantaged high-school students’ clear college entrance exams through mentoring and affordable high quality after-school programs. Mr Sanjiv Bajaj gave insightful lessons on crisis management, not only at the corporate level, but also for personal growth. He said, “Decisions should be made by logic, and not be guided by emotions”. “The end of crisis is the dawn of good times. It is the time for you to gear up your efforts.” he said.

‘Ignitus’, the flagship B-Plan competition of Udaan held its final round to determine who would impress the panel of judges and the audience with the most viable and inspirational B-Plan among the final contestants. With 52 participating teams across the country, it all came down to the final 5 contenders. The panel of Judges comprised of Mr Ashutosh Garg (Founder CEO, Guardian Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.), Mr Prashant Sharma of LetsVenture, and Mr Rajesh Pandit (Manager- Research center, Center for Software and IT management) who decided the winners and the runners-up. Team Chatora, IIM Rohtak bagged the first prize and team BOON, GIBS Rohini were the runners-up of the event.

In a panel discussion themed “Don’t set your goals by what others deem important”, Mr Amitayu Basu (Founding director, RebusCode) said what motivated him to be an entrepreneur was that he wished to explore new avenue after his disillusionment with his job. Mr Sachin Garg (Founder, Grapevine India) spoke about the “late mover advantage”. He said, “Late movers always have the advantage of what went wrong over the first movers.” The moderator of the discussion, Mr Rajesh Pandit, Manager, research center (Center for Software and IT management), Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore made the session lively with his interesting questions.

Mr Suneet Mausil, Founder Technovite lab & Planet Skool, said “True passion and motivation is within and can never be taught, but has to be discovered.” Mr Deepak Dhamija, founder of Shoelace Theatre Productions and Aristotle Consultancy Pvt .Ltd, said that we have to do things in life only if it is what we want to do and they make us happy.

Mr Piyush Mishra captured the audience’s attention with a half-hour performance, followed by his artist-centric perspective on entrepreneurship. Mr Mishra is a critically acclaimed film and theatre actor, music director, lyricist, singer and scriptwriter known for his performances in Maqbool, Gangs of Wasseypur, The Shaukeens and songs like “Aarambh Hai Prachand”. He won over the audience with his keen insights into how the theatre and film industry work, as well as his witty responses to the questions posed to him.

The Entrepreneurship Summit, with its numerous prominent personalities who come forward to interact with the participants, was a step towards creating managers who will keep the spirit of entrepreneurship alive in the country and elsewhere.