Chairman's Message

The institute which got established Ten years back within the Maharshi Dayanand University campus is fast developing into one of the finest management institutes in the country. 

The pedagogy at IIM-Rohtak has been focusing on developing global managers who prove to be a right fit in the fast changing business environment, which is characterised by rising uncertainty, complexity and speed of socio-economic, technological, nature and political changes. The success of future managers will depend on their ability in responding quickly to uncertain situation, adaptiveness in dealing with complex and multicultural global environment and ability to innovatively leverage the opportunities arising with advent of fast changing technologies. 

Indian Institutes of Management, over the years, have built a reputation of producing very talented and innovative breed of managers. IIM-Rohtak is a new addition to the brand IIM, and intends to take forward that legacy with the help of very creative and knowledgeable faculty members which the institute has. Our endeavor is to develop students in a way that they are able to operate effectively in such an environment and also be an active participant in all the sectors of the economy. 

We are proud to have a very inquisitive, talented and energetic group of students who come from diverse backgrounds. I am sure each of them will prove to be an asset to the organisations they will get associated with.