Doctoral Programme in Management

Indian Institute of Management Rohtak is a premier Institute of management education in India. The Doctoral Programme in Management (DPM) of the Indian Institute of Management Rohtak is a full-time doctoral programme offered in various specializations.


The Doctoral Programme of IIM Rohtak aims:

  1. Developing high quality researchers and teachers for academic institutions in India and abroad.
  2. Be a leading source of top quality management experts and thinkers for business organizations, government and society in India and abroad. The programme duration is four years. The participants are given a monthly fellowship, a contingency grant, waiver of tuition fees, support to attend national international/national conferences and support for research visits to global partner institutions.


IIM Rohtak aims at excelling in the interdisciplinary research globally and is deeply committed to foster fundamental, applied, and policy oriented research. It is open to work with partners from academia, industry and government in fulfilling its goal of excellence. The Institute is strategically located in the National Capital Region and has close proximity to the industrial clusters and the seats of policy makerscat IIM Rohtak strives to incorporate the strengths of similar programmes in other IIMs and other major institutions and has included specific innovative features as per the emerging needs. The DPM programme is in line with the vision of the institute to be a global leader in the creation and dissemination of knowledge in management and to be India’s future global learning center like the ancient Nalanda was.