IIM Rohtak introduces Five-Year Integrated Programme in Law (IPL) for students after class XII. The interdisciplinary program aims to provide in-depth knowledge of business management with intricate details of law and governance. On successful completion of the academic rigor of Five-years, the participant will be awarded Integrated Degree of BBA-LLB. There shall be no lateral entry on the plea of graduation in any subject or exit by way of awarding a degree splitting the integrated programme, at any intermediary stage of the programme.


Programme Structure & Curriculum

Overall, the programme consists of 15 terms spread over a period of five- years. A year has three terms, each of three months duration. The entire programme consists of courses in Business Management and Legal Education. Students will be undergoing several internships and moot courts exercises during the course of the programme.

The programme will create an opportunity for the students to pursue legal education of global standards through a curriculum and pedagogy that best reflects the study of International law, Arbitration law, Competition law, Corporate governance, and Domestic law. Apart from these, students will also undergo courses from the domain of Business Management, International Affairs, Humanities, Public Policy, and Foreign Languages.