Objective & Methodology


The objectives of the program are to enable its graduates to:

• Understand the socio-economic, political, technological and ecological environment of modern societies and their characteristic values;
• Acquire the prevailing state-of-art knowledge and skills in the basic disciplines and functional areas of management;
• Develop analytical and innovative attitudes and skills so as to facilitate change and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of organizational systems;

 • Develop values and proactive attitudes towards societal well-being.


The characteristic features of the Post Graduate Programme are as follows: The programme is designed as an integrated whole to generate maximum synergy among its components. It aims at generating among the students the capability of 'learning to learn' in recognition of the importance of continued learning for a successful managerial career. A high degree of training with the use of emerging managerial tools and technologies is imparted to the students. The emphasis is on internalization of knowledge rather than mere acquisition. Sensitization and capacity to deal with environmental influences are stressed, both as a means of enhancing organizational well-being as well as promoting good corporate and professional citizenship. The programme endeavors to nurture a social system which is conducive for inculcating the value system appropriate for a professional manager in the Indian context. Accordingly, to facilitate effective learning a combination of appropriate instructional methodologies is employed depending on the nature of the course. The basket of teaching methods employed includes lectures, case analysis & discussions, exercises, seminars, role plays, management games, assignments, term papers, project work, audio­ visual aids, and computer-based learning methods. Student interest groups in various functional areas meet regularly, and an active industry interaction cell ensures additional inputs from industry. Advanced management seminars organized by the Institute ensure that the IIM-R academic community is able to keep pace with the latest developments in theory and practice of management.