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Programme Design & Duration

Duration of the programme will be two year.  This will include total 560 interactive sessions with a mix of Offline Sessions, Online Sessions, Project Work and Industrial Visits. Total course duration will be of 900 Hours.


 Offline Sessions 150 Project Work (Hrs)  100
 Online Sessions 410 Industrial Visits (Hrs)  100



          Term I

Term II

Term III

1. Sports Marketing

1. Sports Medicine, Health & Nutrition

1. Strategic Sports Communication

2. Operational and Supply Chain Issues in Sports Management

2. Advanced Sports Marketing

2. Sports Coaching Policy

3. Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management in Sports

3. Sport Event Management

3. Applied Sports Marketing    Research

4. Basics of Practical Sports Management /Workshops

4. Sports Facilities Planning and Management

4. History of Academy based Institutions

5. Sports Statistics

5. Information Technology in Sports

  5. Strategy, Planning and Implementation in Sports

6. Sociology of Sports & Athletics

6. Sports Economics

  6. Live Project - 1


7. Financial Reporting and Performance Measurement of Sports Organizations  


Term IV

Term V

Term VI

1. Sports Kinetics

1. Maintenance and Marketing of Sports Museums

1. Data Analytics in Sports

2. Sports Psychology

2. Government and Sports: Policies and its Implications

2. Project Finance

3. Integrated Sports Marketing Communication

3. Sports Entrepreneurship

3. Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

4. Financial Management for Sports Organizations

4. Digital Marketing

4. Leadership and Team Management in Sports

5. Sports Merchandise Manufacturing

5. Elite Athletes, Manpower and League Management

5. Contemporary Issues in Sports

6. Construction and Maintenance of Sports Facilities and Related PPP Models

6. Management of Multi-disciplinary Mega Sporting Events

6. Live Project - 2

7. International Sports Management

7. Sports Merchandise Retailing


8. Law, Ethics and Compliance in Sports