First Year


S. No.Course with AcronymsHours SessionsCredits
Term I
1Financial Reporting & Analysis (FRA)25201
2Business Computing (BC)17.5140.75
3Economic Analysis and Business Decision Making (EABDM)25201
4Marketing Management I (MM I)                     25201
5Written Analysis & Communication (WAC)             17.5140.75
6Human Behaviour in Organizations (HBO)         25201
7Quantitative Methods I (QM I)25201
8Operations Management I (OM I)17.5140.75
9Probability Analysis (PA)12.5100.5
 Term Total1901527.75
                                Term II
1Management Accounting (MANAC)25201
2Data Analytics (DA)17.5140.75
3Macro Environment of Business (MEB)25201
4Marketing Management II (MM II)                             25201
5Workshop in Communications Skills (WCS)               17.5140.75
6Workshop on Interviews and Presentation Skills (WIPS)6.2550.25
7Indian Knowledge System (IKS)                                     12.5100.5
8Quantitative Methods II (QM II) 25201
9Organizational Design and Dynamics (ODD)25201
10Foundations of Leadership Practices (FLP)12.5100.5
 Term Total191.251537.75
                              Term III
1Financial Management (FM)25201
2Society, Business and Indian Economy (SBIE)                 17.5140.75
3Operations Management - II (OM - II)17.5140.75
4Management Information Systems (MIS)25201
5Legal Aspects of Business (LAB)                                 17.5140.75
6Business Research Methods (BRM) 17.5140.75
7Strategic Management (SM)25201
8Human Resource Management (HRM)25201
9Business Ethics (BE)                                                     17.5140.75
  Term Total187.51507.75


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